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Sjøtroll focuses on production of high-quality fish, a product we would like to see as the consumers' preferred choice as part of a healthy diet. This is to be achieved by using the most ethically acceptable methods available. In order to have as much influence on the end product as possible, and to be in control of every aspect, we have opted to manage the entire production process ourselves.

For us to be able to safeguard future breeding material, our brood_stock facilities are geographically separated from the rest of the production. In our separate smolt facilities, the fish is kept in freshwater until it is ready for transfer to our seawater pens. Our focus is on the welfare of the fish, and our production facility requirements are stringent in terms of water quality as well as current conditions. To provide the fish with plenty of space in large units is considered a priority, and this has a positive impact on our preventative efforts to ensure a healthy stock. Strong focus on the mix of raw materials used in fish feed is paramount in order to achieve a healthy end product.

Contact: Sjøtroll Havbruk AS- 5397 Bekkjarvik / Phone 91 91 18 00 / Fax 56 18 18 01 / email: firmapost@sjotroll.no
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