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Sjøtroll is the producer and supplier of salmon and trout products to some of the most demanding customers worldwide. Our products are of superior quality, and are available both fresh and frozen. From our packaging and processing plants, we can supply a range of quality products such as gutted, whole fish and fresh fillets trimmed and portioned in accordance with customer requirements.


Fresh salmon and trout
Sjøtroll’s fish is slaughtered, filleted and packed on the very day it is taken from the sea. It is then immediately shipped to our customers worldwide. The products are ideal for sushi and sashimi - at restaurants as well as at home - and are suitable for smoking, steaming, oven baking and grilling. A range of packaging is used for our products.

A large proportion of the fish we produce is filleted at our facilities. Fillets are trimmed in accordance with set industrial standards - from A to E, but we are also happy to supply products trimmed to our customers’ specifications. Our automatic slaughtering process enables us to offer super fresh salmon, known as day-fresh fillets.
Contact: Sjøtroll Havbruk AS- 5397 Bekkjarvik / Phone 91 91 18 00 / Fax 56 18 18 01 / email: firmapost@sjotroll.no
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