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A SEA OF OPPORTUNITIESNot much can beat the taste of fresh and well-prepared seafood. A sea of raw material is available, and it has the advantage of being packed full of important nutrients we humans need.

Most people do not eat enough fish and seafood, and some are of the opinion that fish just does not taste good.  With the wide choice of fish and seafood available, it is impossible not to find something you like.  Furthermore, fish can be prepared in a variety of ways and provide totally different culinary experiences.

Not only does produce from the sea taste good, it is among the healthiest foods you can eat. Oily fish types such as salmon, trout, mackerel and herring are rich in essential nutrients not present in any other food source.  Medical practitioners all over the world recommend that we eat fish twice a week. Not because of the taste, but quite simply because it is of benefit to us.  A good reason to give fish another chance.
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